When it comes to slate tile roofing, you’ll hear or read opposite opinions everywhere. For some, it is the best and most durable roofing material. For others, it is a hassle and not worth it. Who should you listen to?

Both statements can be correct, but that will depend on each person’s requirements. If you make the necessary considerations, you can easily approve or dismiss slate tile roofing as your roofing material choice.

Based on that, you may be wondering what you should take into account to determine if slate tile roofing is a good option for you. The answer is precisely what we’ve gathered in this guide to help you. Learn more below!


What Is Slate Tile Roofing?

As its name suggests, a slate tiles roof is a tile roofing system. Authentic slate tiles are made of metamorphic rock. The rock is mined in slabs and then cut into the desired configurations. Since it’s made out of natural rock, every piece is unique. They can also come in various color options depending on the rocks’.

Although it is a great option for many, it isn’t for everyone. For instance, slate roofs are only suitable for sloped roofs. Below, we compare its benefits and downsides to give you a better picture:


  • If you were looking for the most durable roofing option, slate tile roofing is certainly it. It can last from 50 up to 150 years with the proper installation and care.
  • Slate tile roofing is extremely safe, as it is fireproof, pest-resistant, waterproof, and impact resistant.
  • Most people are drawn to slate tile roofing for its classic look, which is a huge advantage, but it offers style and variety in colors, shapes, and thicknesses.
  • Apart from annual inspections and professional cleaning, a slate roof doesn’t require much maintenance due to its resistance. Keeping your gutter system clean is also essential to maintain your slate roof. 


  • Due to the material, slate tile roofing is very heavy, which means it can’t be installed in every home. A professional inspection will determine if your roof qualifies for installing slate tiles.
  • Upfront costs can be higher when you choose slate tile roofing. If you don’t give it proper maintenance, you’ll likely have to replace it sooner down the road, making the cost rise more.
  • Although strong, slate tile roofing can be vulnerable if not handled correctly. For every solution, you require an expert in slate roofs.

How Long Does It Last?

If there’s one word we would describe slate tile roofing with, it is certainly durability. Natural materials are often the most long-lasting, and a slate roof can even last about 100 years. It could easily be the preferred choice for homeowners, but they have to consider various factors in order to secure its longevity:

  • Type: Slate tile roofing can be soft or hard. The latter lasts longer.
  • Quality: Quality can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s important to research the brand.
  • Installation: Not everyone can install slate tile roofing as it requires expert knowledge, such as how to walk on it. You have to look for a certified contractor.
  • Maintenance: Slate roofs require little maintenance to be in top shape, but neglect can result in severe issues and expensive replacements.

What Other Considerations Should I Make?

Apart from what we’ve mentioned so far if you are looking to acquire slate tile roofing, you also have to consider if you’ll opt for traditional vs. synthetic slate tiles and fading vs. unfading roofs. Here’s a rough breakdown:

  • If you fancy the look of slate roofing at a lower price point, there are synthetic alternatives that mimic their appearance but don’t last as long as the traditional material can.
  • When it comes to natural slate roof tiles, they come in a small range of color options. The tile is the color of the rock, which can either fade slightly over time from when it was freshly installed (unfading) or change entirely (fading). Still, it doesn’t affect their strength.

How To Secure Quality Slate Roofing Installation?

After making the previous considerations, if you are eyeing using slate tiles for your new roofing system, our best advice is to look for an expert. The quality of a slate roof depends solely on the installation, as the product doesn’t count on warranties, but the installation can when performed by an expert slate roof contractor.

Your chosen company should be licensed, insured, and have vast work experience. At Roofing Designers, we count on all that for slate roof repair and installation . If you want to consult further or get assistance, contact us today!

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