You’ve heard about it. You’ve probably seen it around, but do you know everything there is to know? We’re talking about metal roofing here, which has quickly taken over the roofing industry, and it’s here to stay. It is praised for its durability, easy maintenance, and cost-effective prices. But is it always like that?

The truth is metal roofing is an umbrella term. Not all metal roofing is created the same. There are various types of roofing metals, which grant a distinctive set of traits to each option. If you’re planning on installing a metal roof but don’t know about roofing metals, we certainly recommend learning more, as it will affect your project’s quality, appearance, and costs.

Luckily for you, here at Roofing Designers, we compare the different types of roofing metals from our expert POV, so you can be confident in making the right choice. Let’s dive into it!

Meet All The Roofing Metals

If you’ve spotted an image labeled as “metal roof” or seen one around the neighborhood and felt attracted by its appearance and solid reputation, you’ve probably felt inclined to get it. However, when trying to acquire, you will encounter several types of metal roofing materials and inevitably will face the question, “which one is the best?”.

Because of that, we present you with every option, along with its perks and downsides, all in one place:

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If you’ve heard good talk about a metal roof, chances are it was referred about a steel roof. Steel is the most prevalent roofing metal in the market, and it is the cause that many people speak wonders about it, as it is durable and highly resistant to:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Termites and pests
  • Fire (Class A Fire Rating)

Steel roofing is inexpensive and easy to maintain, making it the most affordable of roofing metals. However, its Achilles heel is that it is more prone to rusting. It has to be treated to minimize corrosion, but it’ll last a long time. It is better for residential applications.

Note: Steel roofing can also be referred to as “tin roof,” but the latter is no longer used.

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Another great option among roofing metals is aluminum roofing. Aluminum is known for being lightweight —But don’t be fooled. It also has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios. 

Aluminum can be easily installed and won’t put much strain on your roof once it’s up. Still, it can be prone to denting. Although it offers less color variety, it makes up for it by being incredibly corrosion-resistant. It is also a bit pricier than steel roofing.

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Moving to the high-end roofing metals, we have copper. Aluminum is an in-between in terms of pricing, while copper is the most expensive out of all roofing metals. There’s an excellent reason for it, since the higher it costs, the longer it lasts —About 60 to 100 years! It is also corrosion-resistant.

However, its true beauty lies in its looks. A copper roof will forever be iconic and synonymous with elegance, with its bronzy color that changes over time into an iconic green shade. Because of it, it is also rare to find but is completely worth the search. While copper is prone to denting, we recommend getting 20-ounce copper for better strength.

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If you lean towards a peculiar look, you will certainly love zinc roofing. It is very similar to copper in every aspect: durability, cost, and corrosion resistance. It also fades into a beautiful shade, but instead of being green, it is a blueish-grayish tone as it develops a patina. The only downside to zinc is that it can leave a chalky residue over time.

Which One Is The Best?

Now that you know more about the existing range of metal roofing materials, you can select the best one for your needs. For that, you have to consider three main aspects: style, budget, and durability.

There is no doubt that you’ll be getting quality from any of these choices. Still, if you want to go a step further, you can get a customized metal roof that is more resistant and adapts to your taste with Roofing Designers. Let us know how to assist you!

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