Many of us have heard of the wonders of a metal roof, but the different alternatives to achieve it are rarely discussed. Metal offers a variety of options, as we’ve previously discussed in another blog, not only in terms of types but also installation.

Learning more about each alternative is the only way to achieve the perfect metal roof and an investment that lasts ages. Because of this, we’ll discuss an excellent choice: rolled metal roofing.

Many home and business owners have obtained many advantages from rolled metal roofing vs. pre-fabricated metal panels. However, this doesn’t mean it will be the right choice for everyone. 

If you want to determine if it would work for you, we share everything you need to make that consideration below. Read on!

What Is Rolled Metal Roofing?

Rolled metal roofing is the basis for building custom metal roofing. It consists of rolled sheets of metal that are rolled on-site into custom-fit panels to create a tailored roofing system. With this alternative, you can choose the material, thickness, paint finish, and seams, unlike pre-fab panels, which are ready to install.

Advantages of Rolled Metal Roofing

There’s nothing like getting a custom-made product, as it fits your specifications exactly and makes the most of every penny. That is precisely what rolled metal roofing offers home and business owners. Not only is metal roofing resilient, durable, and stylish. Rolled metal roofing offers various advantages along with those mentioned, which are the following:

  • Increased strength as you can choose the thickness of the sheets.
  • Improved quality as you can select the paint finishes and ensure good craftsmanship.
  • Availability for any roof. You can get a roofing system that seamlessly adjusts to your roof’s configurations.
  • Fewer delays if there’s any mistake, as it can quickly be corrected by rolling a new one on-site without pausing your project to acquire more panels.

More resistance against water issues. A rolled metal roofing is created with mechanical seams that provide a tighter seal, making them more water-resistant and long-lasting.


Cost & Considerations

Rolled metal roofing can offer many benefits and be the perfect solution for residential and commercial properties. Still, there are some considerations to make before going full-on in order to determine if rolled metal roofing is convenient for you and to ensure its quality:

  • A rolled metal roofing project can have a higher price than metal panel roofing, as it requires more labor.
  • It can take longer to complete because roll-forming sheet metal can take longer to accomplish.
  • The installers you choose will determine the quality of the final product, so you have to choose carefully who will carry out your project.

Final Thoughts

After learning more about rolled metal roofing, if you are considering choosing it for your property, we can confidently tell you it is an excellent alternative that won’t fail. Moreover, it will offer many great advantages if you pair it with solid installation services.

At Roofing Designers, we can achieve a top-tier roofing system for your roof through our rolled metal roofing services. We create custom metal roofs with premium materials and craft. Contact us today!

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