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We are all about ensuring durability for our clients when it comes to their roofing systems. For that, our metal roofing contractors in Morris County, NJ, are ideal.

The quality of roofing installation provided at Roofing Designers can be augmented when paired with one of the most enduring roofing materials in the market: metal.

You can turn to us for complete and customized metal roofing solutions that are unbeatable in quality and versatility. Learn more about them below:

Custom Metal Roofs

If you’ve seen all the fantastic options that metal roofing can provide in a range of styles, like standing seam metal roofing, or colors, working with us will open the door to all these possibilities. Our metal roofing contractors in Morris County create custom metal roofs from scratch, which are fully insured. In our goal to provide our clients with excellent quality, we help you achieve from beginning to end.


Residential & Commercial

Our amazing work is available for multiple needs as well, as our clients are our priority. At Roofing Designers , we can create and install metal roofs for homes and businesses in Morris County. Our two decades of experience, certified staff, machinery, and materials can sustain every roofing project, from small to large.

Roofing Designers LLC

Competitive Prices

We provide solid roofing systems that meet all of our client’s needs, not only in terms of labor but also budget. Our metal roofing contractors in Morris County help you secure the best products and services within your budget through competitive prices. Quality is never lost.

Top-Performing Metal Roofing

To have a top-tier roof, all you need is to work with the best roofing contractors in Morris County: Roofing Designers. We take care of the rest by manufacturing, installing, and maintaining your metal roof. You’ll experience our high level of service since the consultation. We invite you to make yours today!

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