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Roofing Designers works out roofing solutions, not only for residential but also the commercial setting. We know the configurations and scale of these buildings are different vs. residential homes, so we provide other products that are still the best in their field.

Apart from its essential function of shielding the building, a commercial building’s roof also holds exterior HVAC components, impacts insulation, and, ultimately, cost-efficiency. Commercial roofs fall under the flat roof category.

EPDM roofing is the best option to assist it, a popular choice among business owners or building managers. Learn how our EPDM roofers in Morris County can take it to the next level.

Meet The Top Option For Commercial Roofs: EPDM Roofing

The weather in New Jersey can be a constant concern for property owners, especially when owning a commercial facility. Outstanding energy efficiency and resistance are distinctive of single-ply roof types, specifically EPDM roofing.

Not only does an EPDM roofing resists strong winds, hail, and storms. It also reduces thermal loss and reflects the sun. Everything will be cold and warm when it needs to be, helping your HVAC costs to stay down.

If you were also worried about waterproofing capabilities, it is the main trait of membranes such as EPDM roofing since they’re specially designed to go on flat roofs with a low slope. This type, in particular, also comes in various thicknesses and the best part: at an affordable price!


Meet The Best EPDM Roofers in Morris County

Roofing Designers has been building entire roofing systems for residential and commercial clients in our two decades in business. Not only can we assist you with EPDM roofing installation and EPDM roof repair but with everything your roof system requires.

Whether small or large projects, anything we do for you is guaranteed with the safety of our insured services. We use only top-performing products, brands, and personnel so that everything has a top-quality seal.

Our EPDM roofers in Morris County, NJ, are the best option for commercial business owners and managers to have a reliable roof at competitive prices.

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