Everything You Need To Know About EPDM Roofs

An EPDM roof is the standard option for most property owners with a flat roof or commercial property. Cost-effective, resistant, and durable —It has every trait you could want from a roof.

Because of it, many people don’t think twice when selecting it as their roofing material. While there’s no denying that it is a solid choice, there are certain considerations to be made before acquiring and installing an EPDM roof so that it can meet your expectations.

As experts in designing and installing solid roofing systems, at Roofing Designers, we’ll show you all of these critical factors about an EPDM roof so you can make the most out of it. Learn more below!

It’s a Complete Roofing System

Installing an EPDM roof may seem straightforward, as it is essentially a membrane that goes on top of your roof. However, an EPDM roof should count on a proper system to provide the protection and longevity it promises. EPDM roofing systems consist of the following elements:

  • A roof deck where the EPDM roof membrane will be laid on
  • An insulation layer
  • The adhesive or tape (varies with installation method)
  • Fasteners and plates
  • The EPDM roofing membrane, along with trimmings
  • Ballast (depending on the installation method)

Various Types of Installation

An EPDM roof doesn’t only lay on your roof. It has to be attached, which can be done in different ways. Because of this, there are various types of EPDM roofing installation:

  • Adhered: An adhered EPDM roof is glued down to the insulation on the roof deck.
  • Mechanically attached: The EPDM roof is attached using batten strips, screws, and seam tapes.
  • Ballasted: The EPDM roof is held in place with a washed stone layer.

It’s essential to keep the installation types in mind because they will affect the type of maintenance, repair, and components you’ll require for your roof.

How to Maintain It

Your EPDM roof can do an excellent job shielding your property even with the harsh elements. It can also last a long time, but to do that, you have to give it the proper care. Regular inspections are essential to ensure no damage could compromise its integrity.

Additionally, regular maintenance for your EPDM roof includes cleaning to remove the dirt, whether with a hose or by sweeping. You can also apply a specialized cleaning solution for EPDM roofs. 

Can It Be Repaired?

With proper care, you won’t have to worry about your EPDM roof. It can last a long time, but it doesn’t mean roof damage can’t occur. Because of that, you may wonder if an EPDM roof is a viable option in terms of repair. Once again, this varies with the installation method.

A fully adhered EPDM roof can’t be replaced in sections, so it must be entirely replaced or fixed with special sealants and adhesives. Mechanically attached and ballasted roofs can be repaired by removing and replacing the damaged section or with patches. You should leave the latter method to professionals.


How To Secure Quality?

Now that you count on the essential considerations of an EPDM roof, if you want to follow these and ensure quality results, you require the help of professionals. From advising you on the best installation method to securing every component is correctly installed, inspecting it, and executing repairs, a professional roofing contractor is a must.

At Roofing Designers, our expert knowledge is available as advice and quality EPDM roof installation and repair services. To obtain both, contact us today!

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