Nowadays, there are many solutions and products that claim to improve and restore your exterior spaces. Because the elements pose a heavy toll, knowing which ones work to make the right choice is essential. One of the options out there is a Dec-Tec membrane.

If you’ve never heard of it or are unsure if it’s worth it, we are here to tell you everything you should know and help you improve your outdoor spaces. Learn more below!

What Is A Dec-Tec Membrane?

So what is a Dec-Tec membrane? The product consists of a PVC single-ply vinyl membrane by the Dec-Tec brand, designed to waterproof your deck. It can be laid on top of wood and concrete, adhering to an impenetrable surface.

Is It Just a Cover For Your Deck?

In essence, it is —If we were referring to a waterproof, appealing, and durable cover. But it’s not just for your deck. A Dec Tec membrane also works as a solution for flat roofs and balconies. Essentially, any outdoor flat surface. 

As you may know, in exterior spaces, the constant exposure to the elements is a challenge, particularly for flat surfaces:

  • It is hard for water to run off, leading to many issues, such as mold, pests, and rotting.
  • Direct sunlight can cause wood or other material to fade.
  • With wear and time, erosion or splinters could affect your wood deck.

A Dec-Tec membrane can help you solve all of these issues at once. It is specially designed to provide waterproofing, but also other amazing functions, which are detailed below:


The Dec-Tec vinyl decking isn’t only resistant to water damage, but it also makes your flat surfaces immune to it. It can go a long way in reducing maintenance. All you have to do is secure a good base before you install it.


A Dec-Tec membrane doesn’t only resist water but fire too. The material is fire-retardant. Thanks to this product, you can host a barbecue or have a fun night by a cozy fire on your deck, or be prepared in case of accidents. If any fire was to reach the membrane, it would self-extinguish.


If you got tired of the look of your deteriorated deck, balcony, or roof, you might not fancy a plain-looking cover. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the Dec-Tec membrane. Not only are there various Dec-Tec colors available but also styles that mimic your favorite deck material.


What would typically be a common problem in wood decks or roofs is no match for Dec-Tec. Mold and algae degrade the materials in your surfaces over time and can look unsightly, but not with a robust cover like this one.

Is It Durable?

Dec-Tec can easily withstand various elements, which naturally helps increase its lifespan. However, you may be curious about how much you can expect it to last. The great news is that your membrane will last almost as long as your roof or deck, with an average of 25 years, while reducing the maintenance required to last that much.

Pro Tip: Dec-Tec comes with a product warranty available. It’s crucial to guarantee proper installation to maintain it.


Is It Worth It?

Investing in a Dec-Tec membrane will tackle multiple aspects at once and help you restore and protect your deck. Although the product is great on its own, it has to be accompanied by proper installation, as its performance consists solely of it.

For superior Dec-Tec installation, whether on your deck, balcony, or roof, you can recur to us, Roofing Designers. Your cost-effective investment will be augmented with our competitive prices and high quality. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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