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Dec-Tec Installation in Morris County

At Roofing Designers  helping you protect your entire property is our primary goal, and that includes your often neglected, favorite outdoor space: your deck. 

Decks, especially wood decks, make wonderful additions to any property. Even though wood is an extremely resistant and long-lasting material, it can still get deteriorated by the elements, such as sunlight, water, and usage.

Before you get frustrated thinking it was a terrible idea to build a wood deck or consider spending thousands installing a new deck, we want to present you with an easier and cost-effective alternative: Dec-Tec Membrane. 

Learn more about how it, along with our installation services in Morris County, NJ, can help below!

What Is Dec-Tec?

Dec-Tec is a PVC, single-ply vinyl membrane used to improve and protect exterior surfaces. If you have a splintered, eroded, mold-infested, and unsightly deck, you can cover it with Dec-Tec, instantly boosting its appearance and functionality.

Not only does Dec-Tec help with deck waterproofing and protection from other elements, but it also comes in a variety of stylish designs and colors that mimic your favorite wood species and achieves your desired look. They’re also slip-resistant.

The Dec-Tec membrane is 100% effective when installed by a professional, following the right procedures and measures. It also ensures your product warranty isn’t revoked.


Dec-Tec Experts = Guaranteed Quality

Now that you’ve found the right product for your decking needs, you have also found a Dec-Tec decking expert to install it. Roofing Designers can help you safeguard your property and, of course, your deck, not only through our superior technique but also through:

  • Competitive prices
  • License & Insurance
  • 20 years of experience

When you count on Roofing Designers , you can count on excellence in every product, including Dec-Tec installation in Morris County. If you have further inquiries, get a consultation from one of our Dec-Tec experts. Contact us today!

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